YANY Residencies

RESIDENCY PROGRAMMING provides students with in-depth meaningful learning experiences through the arts over a multi-week schedule.  Residency programs are skills-based, integrate with the curriculum, and address the Learning Standards and Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.  Young Audience New York’s teaching artists collaborate with educators to gear residencies to meet the specific needs of participating students.  Residencies can be aimed at a host of disciplines, including (but not limited to) dance, music, theater and storytelling, visual and literary arts and digital media creation.



Residency programs consist of a series of at least ten workshops, each lasting 45 minutes.  Residencies are age-appropriate for students in classes ranging from pre-K to 12th grade.  Maximum attendance for most residencies is 35 students; 12 for special education classes.

You can deepen the impact of a residency by adding a live performance to your program. These 45-minute interactive performances expose the classroom in practice to the ideas discussed during the residency.  Alternately, residencies may be enhanced with full-class field trips to  New York City cultural institutions.  Additional fees may apply; please inquire when contacting a YANY professional.


A great first step to booking an artist Residency with Young Audiences New York is to speak with one of our programming specialists so that we can more clearly understand your circumstances and restrictions.  We pride ourselves on approaching each school and each educator as an individual.  Give us a call at 212-319-9269 or email us at info@yany.org and let’s discuss how YANY can make a difference in your school.

Our programs do receive some support from corporate, private and public sponsors but unfortunately not enough that we can offer them free to educators.  Residency Programming prices vary due to the customizable nature of each program.  Rest assured that Young Audiences NY Staff will do our best to help bring as much YANY programming as possible to your school regardless of your budget, from $500 to $50,000.

Young Audiences New York requires that Residency programs begin with at least one planning meeting for teachers and teaching artist to meet, collaborate and establish shared goals to best meet the students’ needs.  A second planning session midway through Residencies is strongly recommended.  We encourage frequent and focused planning meetings between our teaching artists and educators, as they enhance the organization and impact of our programs.

Individual artists, performance ensembles and specific programs are available on a first-come first-served basis. In order to book the teaching artist or performer of your choice, please schedule early.


Prior to the beginning of any program, Young Audiences New York must receive a work and purchase order for the full amount of the scheduled program activities from the school.   Confirmation of Engagement form, a contact of the staff member who should receive our invoice and any additional paperwork must be completed for payment from sources other than New York City Public Schools.

It is Young Audiences’ policy that a teacher, school employee or other responsible adult representing the site must be present in the room or performance area at all times during the program. Artists have the right to refuse to conduct a program if an appropriate number of staff persons are not in attendance.  Artists reserve the right not to perform if the audience size is above the maximum stated attendance for their specific program.

Programs cancelled by a school less than one week before the scheduled program date are subject to full payment. Should illness, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent an artist or ensemble from coming to a school, Young Audiences New York will offer the school the option of rescheduling or using a substitute artist or ensemble, if possible.

If a school does not notify Young Audiences New York that a program has been cancelled, it will be charged for any artist who arrives at the school to teach or perform.

Please contact the Young Audiences New York Program Staff for our New York City Department of Education Contract and Vendor Number information.

Got questions?  We can help.  Contact us at 212-319-9269 or info@yany.org