YANY Youth Labs

Young Audience New York’s sponsored Youth Labs advance learning in the arts for teens outside of the school setting in free, high-quality arts programs led by leading industry professionals.  These multi-disciplinary labs are open to students of all experience levels and designed to empower youth through the study, creation and presentation of original, skilled work. YANY Youth Labs provide teens with the tools for personal expression.

The Animation Project

The Animation Project, in partnership with Sony Wonder Technology Lab, is a free after-school program designed for New York City public high school students interested in obtaining hands-on experience in stop-motion animation. In this fifteen week program, which meets each semester with new students, participants have the opportunity to explore the world of animation and create their own original films under the guidance of industry professionals.

The Young Audiences New York Youth Choir brings together public high school students from across the city in an effort to create a free and inclusive performance ensemble. Advancing music learning for young people of all levels of experience, students study and perform songs in all musical styles including R&B, Gospel and Classical. Additionally, the choir promotes self-expression and creativity by working together to develop original work. Participants meet once a week during the academic year, prepare for winter and spring concerts and perform for the public at professional venues around New York City