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Benjamin Perez Higalgo

Type: Workshop, Residency

Art Form: Music (Ukulele, Guitar, DrumminG) 

Grade Level: K-12 

Benjamin Perez Hidalgo is an accomplished musician and teaching artist with particular expertise in traditional Latin American/Mexican and Caribbean instruments. Mr. Benjamin has a deep understanding of Latin American rhythms and musical concepts-from Afro Cuban studies to traditional Mexican folklore. With over 3 decades of studio and live performance experience, he has toured with famous Latin solo artists and bands. As an Educator he has work as a Teaching Artist, musical assistant and co-teacher working in public schools in New York and New Jersey areas, customizing weekly residencies that culminate in performances by the students. Always interested in developing news skills to effectively reach all audiences and interested people. He has been a member, consultant and collaborator with Mexico Beyond Mariach.


Playing bongos at P.S. 165  


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