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LinkNYC is an innovative career and college awareness program focuses on the fast-growing field of digital media developed by the Young Audiences New York (YANY). LinkNYC aims to create an avenue for young people, many of whom face systemic challenges, to develop digital facility through project-based learning and mentorship, while helping to develop strong future candidates for the sector.


Our Approach.

While the digital media field seeks employee diversification, our minority young people lack access to it. Link NYC bridges this gap: the program's multi-faceted approach is innovative in that it addresses career barriers disproportionately affecting low-income youth including lack of English Language proficiency, skill training, professions within the field of digital media, and college readiness. 


Our Curriculum.

• an arts-integrated digital media mentoring program that provides real-world experiences to High School students across New York City.

• Within a project-based model, young people work closely with professional teaching artists to design, create, produce, and present real-time digital media projects with the support of corporate mentors from AMC, Facebook, and NBC Universal.

• Young people build transferrable skills, connect their experience with a plan for higher education, and explore creative careers in digital media, marketing, and advertising.

Our Process.


What Students Said.

Young Audiences LinkNYC Program FINAL

Young Audiences LinkNYC Program FINAL

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