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Mariano Martinez

Type: Workshop, Residency

Art Form: Dance, Choreography

Grade Level: K-12 

Brooklyn born Mariano Martinez A.K.A @mariano_i_am  first got his taste of dance while battling and free-styling on the Streets of the well known Himalayas at Coney Island’s Astroland Park. After winning several battles, he decided to try his hand at choreography.  Putting his Caribbean background to use Mariano is not only well versed in Hip Hop. He also puts his knowledge of Salsa, African, House, Bachata, Dance Hall, Punta, Soca, and Street Jazz to great use, allowing him to teach internationally.  Mariano’s work has been seen on Good Morning America, Fox5 news, and as far out as Central America and Korea.     


In 2010, Mariano choreographed the Gunchei Cultural Presentation at the Garifuna Coalition Yellow, White, and Black Fundraising Gala.  Mariano researched the movements, style, and definition of the cultural dance. And by adding his own originality and creativity, he successfully brought back the forgotten formal dance of the Garifunas; A culture whose Language, Dance, and Music was proclaimed a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by the United States Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  His contribution to the Garifuna culture through the amazing rendition of the once lost art of Gunchei, gained him recognition, including citations from city government officials.  


Mariano is Currently Head Choreographer for #JDoveDanceAcademy, a free dance academy open to all NYC youth. He also serves as C.E.O/President of J-Dove Productions, a Special Events choreography company.  His dance training and tools reign from well know choreographers at Broadway Dance Center, Each 1 Teach 1, and Steps on Broadway. Taking his skills to the next level, Mariano’s future goals include touring, dancing and choreographing for well-known artist.  



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