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Natalia Munoz Durango

Type: Workshop, Residency

Art Form: Theater, Dance, Storytelling, and Visual Arts 

Grade Level: K-12 

Natalia Munoz Durango is a Multi-disciplinary Arts Educator and activist with diverse and eclectic background. Born and raised in Colombia, Natalia has always been fascinated about diversity , culture and tradition. She has trained in Afro-Brazilian, Haitian, capoeira and several Afro-Colombian rhythms. Her understanding and love for arts education is inspired by her own experience as a child. Natalia defines herself as a kinesthetic learner, thus she strongly believes in the importance of the inclusion and access to arts education in the classroom. Natalia strongly believes in the power of the arts as vehicle for social justice and has conducted extensive research on themes of racial justice, cultural equity and inclusion. Natalia is currently a recipient of the 2019 Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship at CCCADI (Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute,) and a 2017 TAP alumni. Natalia is strongly committed to bringing participant centered arts programming that is inclusive to communities that have been underrepresented and historically oppressed as a tool for healing and social change. Her framework focuses on using the power of applied theater, dance, storytelling and visual arts to unlock the potential of young people to develop their creative competencies to collectively connect and find their personal voice to become leaders within their communities. Natalia has participated in multiple projects using arts as a vehicle for social change and as a powerful tool for healing and self-expression. Some of her community projects include: INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival/New York , Iniciativa Colibri/Nicaragua, Theater of oppressed /Guatemala, Imagine action apprenticeship Colombia and Tools of imagine action among others. Natalia currently teaches literacy through drama, theater in education , creative movement, bilingual drama classes and storytelling. 

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