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New York City-based mixed media sculptor, occult artist, curator, performance artist, writer, radio producer, and Young Audiences New York teaching artist, Amir Bey’s latest art installation is currently on display at El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 (215 E. 99th St.).

The site of a former public school, originally designed by Charles B.J. Snyder and completed in 1898, one of the hundreds of public schools in New York City designed by him, the building has been renovated and converted into an arts facility. This is where YANY teaching artists Amir Bey’s new series, PLANETS, is on display. The series is comprised of a collection of hanging, mobile sculptures – percussive instruments, representing the 10 main bodies used in astrology (+Venus#2). This collection will be on display through the end of January.

This current exhibition of Amir Bey’s work follows other important series he has created, each one a unique representation of the artist's diverse interests. Over the years an important focus of Amir's work has been the face and the mask. The face “expresses every mood and articulates all thoughts.” For Amir, the face has a vocabulary comprised of a small number of simple components uniquely arranged that are universally recognized.

His interest in mythology, astrology, and history has also been a central theme in his work. Amir has exhibited and collaborated internationally in Japan, Turkey, Martinique, Spain, and Germany. As a curator, he has organized over 100 exhibits and events, often combining exhibitions and performances held mainly in the New York City area.

His works are always unique - a blend of mystic art that combines his interest in mysticism, astrology, and music.

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